Monarch Lodge #73 Oakland, Ca 2018 Trestleboard

Worshipful Master Hayden Williams III



  • 1st Stated Meeting: January 5th
  • Monarch Lodge #73 Sock and Coat Drive Giveaway: January 13th
  • MLK Day Parade: January 15th
  • Intermediate Meeting: January 18th
  • Monarch Lodge Visit to Ujima Lodge: January 27th


  • Stated Meeting/Lodge Photos: February 2nd
  • Crown Club and Buccaneer Super Bowl Party: February 4th
  • Black History Day Program: February 16th
  • Monarch Lodge Visit to Fred C. Brooks: February 22nd
  • Black Joy Parade Oakland: February 25th


  • Stated Meeting: March 2nd
  • Homeless Shelter Volunteers: March 17th
  • Intermediate/1st Degree: March 16th
  • March 25th: Palm Sunday
  • Crown Club Fish Fry Kick Back: March 31st


  • April 1st: Easter Sunday (Easter Egg Hunt)
  • Widows and Wives Luncheon: April 6th
  • Stated Meeting: April 6th
  • Monarch Lodge #73 Day Out at Cox Academy Volunteering: April 11th
  • Monarch Lodge #73: April 14th Grand Master Official Visit
  • Intermediate/2nd Degree: April 20th


  • Stated Meeting: May 4th
  • Crown and Buccaneer Club Annual Bowling Tournament: May 12th
  • Mother’s Day: May 13th
  • Intermediate Meeting/ Monarch Visit to Fidelity Lodge #10: May 18th
  • Monarch Lodge #73 Visit to Orinda Masonic Lodge #122: May 24th


  • Stated Meeting: June 1st
  • Intermediate Meeting /3rd Degree and Father’s Day Dinner: June 15th
  • Crown and Buccaneer Club Black and White Ball: June 16th
  • Father’s Day: June 17th
  • St. Johns Day: June 24th


  • Stated Meeting: July 6th
  • 163rd Annual Grand Session: July 12th-19th


  • Stated Meeting: August 3rd.
  • Crown and Buccaneer Club Annual BBQ: August 4th
  • Back to School Book Bag and School Supplies Drive: August 11th
  • Intermediate Meeting/1st Degree: August 17th


  • Monarch Lodge #73 Visitation to Petaluma Hamilton Lodge #180: September 6th
  • Stated Meeting: September 7th
  • Prince Hall Day: September 9th
  • Intermediate Meeting/2nd Degree: September 21st
  • Monarch Lodge #73 Westside Oakland Block Cleanup: September 29th



  • Stated Meeting: October 5th
  • Monarch Lodge #73 66th Charter Day: October 19th
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Program: October 20th


  • Stated Meeting: November 2nd
  • Crown and Buccaneer Club Casino Bus Trip: November 9th-10th
  • Intermediate Meeting/ Past Master 3rd Degree: November 16th
  • Thanksgiving Day Basket Give Away: November 19th


  • PM Appreciation: December 1st
  • Stated Meeting/Elections: December 7th
  • Christmas Party: December 22nd


 Throw away all ambition beyond that of doing the days works well. The traveler on the road to success lives in the present, heedless of taking thought for the marrow. Live neither in the past nor the future, but let each day’s work absorb your entire energies, and satisfy your widest ambition. -William Osler